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You must agree that the world we are living in is full of noise, hastiness, rush, deadlines and stress. For the entire year, people are waiting for a vacation to finally escape from it, at least for a few days. They hope this vacation will help recharge their batteries for the next one.

But how many times have you been on a vacation and actually returned rested and full of energy? Even though it is not the work and routine that exhausts you, there might be something else: abuse of all kinds.  During our vacations we tend to eat more, to drink more, to sleep less and do as many activities as we can in a short period of time so that we don’t waste any moment of it. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect from what we expected. Instead of returning home content and energetic, we often return even more tired and in need of another vacation. And this happens only because we often misunderstand our fatigue and believe that the body needs rest and pampering, when actually it is the soul that desperately asks for it.

So, what is it to be done when nothing from the material world seems to satisfy our needs for relaxation, disconnection and rest? The answer that we offer you is returning to spirituality. This time, give your soul a vacation. Instead of going in a common holiday location, we suggest something totally different: spending your vacation in an ashram. Our website offers you a great variety of ashrams from all over the world. Why not choose one and spend your next holiday there? There is usually no payment for staying in Ashrams, but you can contribute by donating money.

Ashrams are quiet places with great spirituality, where people go to relax, disconnect from their daily routine, rediscover and understand themselves and pray.

What can you do during your staying in an ashram?

You can stay there along with the monks, nuns and other devotees or seekers to observe and get inspired by their lifestyle.

You can learn how to live clean and simple and appreciate what is really important in life.
You can help the monks, nuns and devotees with the work and learn how to expect nothing in return, as everything that is done there is for the good of the entire community, including yourself.
You can try to do some of the specific activities that the monks, nuns and other devotees perform daily, such as praying and meditation, in order to connect yourself with your inner self and divinity.

You can learn how to assimilate values as altruism, kindness and patience and how to use them in your everyday life.

You can rebound yourself with nature, as most of the ashrams are situated in the middle of nature and surrounded by trees, flowers and grass.

The silence of these places will help you learn how to listen to your inner self and discover your true path in life.

An ordinary trip gives you knowledge about the world that surrounds you, but a vacation spent in an ashram gives you knowledge about yourself. And if you know yourself well enough, you are so close to happiness that you cannot even imagine!

The peace that you are looking for is already inside you, so come and discover it!


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